Monday, July 28, 2014

About.Me & My First Entry of 2014

 Yeah mother fuckers I'm back and I am good and pissed off and ready to throw down. So I figured out a new way to infiltrate the real world , check this shit out...there's a site called and it's full of real fake fuckers, and even fake fake ones,  just like you. Man I still hate all of you.

 Anyway, so I signed up, and got me a lil place in the real world (outside of the matrix) where I can  talk smack and click sterile , happy go lucky Like buttons and shit. I am going to lobby for some dislike as well as some click options such as "Go fuck your mother" or " Thinks you're a fucking moron."  Seriously, what  a better way to really let someone know how you feel.

 It's pretty fucking stupid really, reminds me of all of you. I have seen some of you dipshits on there too, don't think I don't know where you go. Don't act all unknowing or coy...and don't act stupid, I know its not an act.

 Anyway, I am done with this post for the night, I don't even have a pic for my blog post, fuck hold on let me get something together for you, my one faithful reader.

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