Friday, January 9, 2015

Back in Braun

Holy fuck!  I just found out today that the ban that had been imposed upon myself and my friends(yeah bitch I got friends),  like a fucking  embargo strewn upon the people of Cuba, was apparently lifted due to the lack of care or possibly forgetfulness on someone's part. I returned to my homeland only to find that, as with all things in SL , things have changed.

  The first thing I noticed was that my wall had been removed or  stolen, conspiracy theories still loom in my mind. To make lemonade from the lemons of other's bitterness, I surveyed the area, located the old space  from which my wall sat, and reconstructed a makeshift placebo for the time being,. I needed a place to sit , simply because the next thing I did required me to take it easy for a moment while carefully placing my patented BRB Brace onto an unsuspecting as well as unaware noob with a very nasty gay man's blingy watch. I mean you tell me, that shit is way too shiny. I had to shoo the birds away from him that were pecking at his wrist. Its a thankless job but I did take a moment to pose for a photo opportunity. Anyway, yes I am back bitches , I am Braunworth, I am your only hope. So help me , to help you, you inconsiderate fucks.

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