Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Little Bit About Myself (Disclaimer/ Warning Label)

Where should I start this...?

  I always wanted to create a blog, for several reasons. Mostly to post photographs of the horrible things I have done, continue to do, and plan on doing. I do not care if I get my spelling wrong, if I am lacking any correct punctuation, or if you, the reader, are even aware of my literary prowess. I would advise that you, the reader, never take me too seriously and above all never take me as anything but a complete asshole who really doesn't give a fuck about you or your feelings and sensitivity levels.

  If you suffer from a lack of tough skin , if  bad  words hurt your little feelings, if your mind can't wrap itself around the ideas and humor I throw your way, then maybe you should bail now. This blog is only for people who can take a joke, smile about the misfortune of us all, the general population, and laugh about the light I shine on  the things and people of this world who have become nothing short of walking, talking vaginas who are themselves always on high alert of making sure to not start saying or doing anything that might be taken as a kick in the pussy to someone else....

 Now that we have that out of the way.....let's get to the good stuff.

 My name is Blind Melon Dobropan, no I did not stutter. No I did not get my name from that lame ass fucking band , whose singer did the world a favor by removing himself from the dregs of 'musicianship'. Sadly he didn't take the bee girl with him.  I took my name from the same place they did though, and I will pay tribute to Cheech and Chong for use of their skit character with the same name of  the great Blind Melon (Chitlin).

  I am not part of your world, though I have chosen to cross over from the world of pixels into the world of flesh and bone as a digital representation of days gone by, when times were simpler and you could call people names and beat your kids still. No, instead I was born as an alternate character account on a virtual reality community called Second Life. If you don't know SL, and you fall into any of the disclaimer categories from above,  I would strongly advise to stay away from it. It's full of people just like myself. Well, I am their god. I do prefer the term 'earthbound deity' though.

 I began as a social experiment, brainchild of my creator (my other account), to see if being as hideously ugly as  I could possibly make my avatar, would I still be able to gain the audience and attention of random women in SL.  They say that looks don't mean anything....well they were right. I have been quite the ladies man over the years, which is amazing as I don't even own a penis.

I will however,  always show you my creative side and fashion a pseudo-cock from some prims for you like its a balloon animal and prim fuck  you....ladies, heads up!

 For more about 'prims' and 'primitives', go read the fucking Wiki on Second Life or  3-D object creation, I aint got time to tell you everything, bitches!

texture, SL, BlindMelon, Blind Melon, Dobropan,
   A picture is worth a thousand words. This one only needs 6. Incidentally,  this picture doubles as the official BlindMelon Dobropan T-shirt template for Second Life. Right click to Save and wear at your own risk. Be sure to sign up for the Fans of Blind Melon Dobropan Club group in SL as well.

  More  coming soon so be advised....brace yourselves bitches!

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