Friday, December 28, 2012

Exploiting the Shameless

 What a clusterfuck of  noobs and numbnuts I have had the pleasure of being a mentor and role model to over the years. My photo album is so full of  nostalgic memories, some that still make me smile and others that make me dry heave,  I don't even know where to about we just dig in and start pasting them randomly every week, until the one of your mom gets posted then it's not fun for you anymore.  Come on now buck up little's not like she was a virgin and just remember it was purely sexual, feel better now?

 Simple times, simple crimes...hanging out at the money tree in Braunworth honing my snakeoil  shim sham skills handing out my latest Build version of my SL Banana 2.0 , the must have item that the user must wear in order to collect the money from the counterfiet fruits I placed in the tree. Noobs are such easy prey.

Note the dapper bastard in the background on his favorite  wall seat.

I do believe it was David Lee Roth who once said, and I quote, " C-mon-mon-mon-mon-mon ba-bay, Bottoms Up!"   Is it wrong that I can't remember her name?

Ridin dirty..another nameless victim...check out my rims bitches! Oh yeah and they spinnin!
Stay tuned....More from the blackmail files tomorrow!

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