Friday, December 28, 2012

Often Imitated, Never Replicated

 I know what you're thinking reader, oh yes I do. Something vicious and outlandish perhaps? Or possibly something subtle,  maybe a heartfelt " Who the fuck would wanna look like you, Blind Melon?!"  Yes it's true, we mock what we do not understand.

 Every now and then I get a fan mail filled with kudos for a job well done, someone who appreciates all I do for you ungrateful bitches. Straight from the Melon mailbox, here's one  from a young man who decided to go out for Halloween as his favorite Second Life super!

                                                                      NOT ME

                                I know, the resemblance, it's downright fucking scary, right?!
  I believe it was me who once was quoted as saying, "Exploitation is truly the highest form of flattery." Which oddly enough, is a perfect segue into my next post....Exploiting The Shameless.

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