Friday, December 28, 2012


 Most of you dumbasses know the term AFK as a lazy approach to let someone know you are going to be 'away from keyboard'. Yeah thanks for the warning, oh by the way here's a nother sample of why you should probably not go AFK around me, as I like to incite my favorite self fabricated game of  AFK = AFU,  All Fucked Up!

You guys like magic? Well watch me levitate this board and balance this mug of beer atop this lovely volunteer's head! I remember her name was Trinity cause when she said it the vibration tickled me. She never spilled a drop of my beer. Bless her.

Now this one here...double damage...AFK, and sitting on my favorite wall spot. She got the full on Melon treatment...noob cowboy hat, and the matching smeared on Burt Reynolds mustache. Or as I like to call my signature move, Stinky and the Bandit.

I'll be back with more of these treasures later. My schedule is so full these days, and I have to go check my noob traps and see if I've caught anything to play with tonight. See ya noobs!

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