Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fan Base +1

   Sometimes I like to get out and  visit places all over the  grid. You can find a plethora of nimrods, dickwads, derelicts, dipshits, asslicks, whores, misfits, and catholics if you just know which rocks to look under. 

 Yesterday I was in some shit hole simulator called ....????....fuck if I can even recall now,  that's how interesting and memorable it was. I remember there was a dancing robot, some English women speaking all posh n shit, some transsexual with an assault rifle, a guy with a foot fetish who looked like he was 3rd runner up in the Slash Look Alike  contest, some random noobs speaking Spanish, and then there was this guy:

 Never have I seen the Melon shirt worn in such a midriff fashion, but hey at least this cat knows quality clothing when he gets it. I'm not sure but from what I understood he plays SL by linking together old PCs, 2 turntables and a Mr Microphone, an Atari 2600, an Afro blow out kit wrapped in aluminum foil and doesn't like Windows 7 cause he has compatibility issues......ahem.

 But again, at least he had the the courtesy to wear the shirt with pride, and a little revealing shot of some navel lint. I don't just give out the Melon shirt to  have it sit in your inventory folks.

 Treat it like I treat your mothers: Get it on and wear that  shit out!

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