Thursday, December 27, 2012

Melon Time

20 minutes early or 40 minutes late, I couldn't give a shit either way.
I haven't been on SL for a while now so I am in the process of bringing you the blog reader, up to date on where I have been, what I have done, and what sins I have to
confess/ brag about.
Some things you may not know about me, I wear signature Blind Melon custom designed socks, made by Gwen Matthews over at KittyMare Creations in the sim of Hydes on SL, They are tailored to my specs, all the right padding in all the right places. Steel toes reinforce and prevent my talon-like toenails from poking through and scratching some lucky lady. I do to this day give credit where credit is due, my socks are my greatest weapon and wingman ever. Without them I would just be another random loud mouthed dipshit in Second Life. Viva la socks!
Shoes are for pussies.
Don't be a pussy.
Get some socks.
Nuff said.

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